Philippe’s home cinema in Brussels: A purist’s dream!

As a true aficionado of the art of filmmaking, Philippe has always dreamed of owning a home cinema up to his exacting standards. Discover this purist’s dream in detail!

This is CinemaScope worthy of the name, installed for a European film producer with extremely high sound and visual expectations.

The Screenresearch 2.37 Supreme format screen is combined with a Digital Projection 250 projector, equipped with an automated anamorphic ISCO lens. The sound is optimized with a JBL Synthesis ensemble including Beryllium speakers to project forward sound, as well as six dipole satellite speakers, and four subwoofers equalized for phase and frequency.

Bass and high definition sources ( (Laser Disc, DVD, Blu-Ray, Kaleidescape Server, Satellite) are electronically fed into a seven-channel mixer relayed by a battery of amplifiers controlled by Trinnov signaling, one of the few truly effective processes, and commonly used in professional circles.

The customized acoustical treatment took over a week of calculations and corresponds to a specific design. This installation was created in conjunction with IEC, which asked Audire to design and tune the architecture. The best hardware solutions available today were combined with an exacting design to guarantee performance that leaves nothing to chance. This is what CinemaScope is all about!

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