Strato Hotel Courchevel

The new owners of the five-star Le Strato spared no effort to bring the latest leisure technologies to hotel guests at this magnificent establishment decorated by Les Héritiers.

Guests are greeted on arrival by a pleasant and soothing lighting environment powered by a Lutron lighting control system. Every suite in Le Strato offers personalized lighting scenarios accessible from several user-friendly wall controls, and is equipped with a stereo system including Cabasse IO speakers and invisible subwoofers for impeccable high-fidelity sound. RTI smart home systems provide a multilingual interface for guests to select from a list of 1000 films available on the Kaleidescape server or display any one of 100 television channels broadcast in high definition (IP IPSO TV) on a Samsung LCD high-definition screen, or even connect to their iPod or iPhone. The system automatically shuts down the Cyrus amplifiers when at rest to save energy. Le Strato is also certainly the first hotel in Europe to offer guests an environment using state-of-the-art smart home technology—lighting management, high-fidelity sound and high-definition imagery—perfectly suited to the standing of one of the most prestigious ski resorts in the world.

“We were very impressed with some of the features available to us; for example, the in-room entertainment system was perfect. It had a huge range of movies, access to iPod through the TV, high-tech touch screen remotes which were easy to use—and unlike other hotels, all of the features actually worked!” Tripadvisor, January 2012

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